Why A Psychiatrist?

Medical and Psychological Expertise


Dr. Stalzer is a medical doctor who is an expert in treating psychological problems.   This means Dr. Stalzer is trained in the use of both psychotherapy and psychiatric medications.  Unfortunately, most other psychiatrists have decided to limit their treatment modality to psychiatric medications alone and refer their patients who would benefit from psychotherapy to psychologists, social workers or master's level therapists who have no medical education.  This means a patient who needs both will have to spend more time and more money in order to get comprehensive treatment.  Dividing treatment like this often results in less privacy and quite a bit of miscommunication between the psychiatrist and the therapist.  Another problem with this splitting of treatment is that some problems that seem to be psychiatric can actually be caused by medical problems.  For example, some neurologic problems can produce psychiatric symptoms such as depression or anxiety.  There usually are some subtle symptoms in these cases that allow psychiatrists such as Dr. Stalzer to figure out what is really going on and make the correct referral to another doctor who can treat the medical problem.  

Many people falsely believe that psychiatrists are unaffordable.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, psychiatrists charge about the same as other mental health providers such as psychologists, social workers or marriage and family counselors (MFCC's) yet they bring their medical education and training in the service of psychiatric treatment and therefore  provide a larger number of treatment options to their clients.  Dr. Stalzer charges $200 per "therapeutic hour" which is 45 minutes.

Dr. Stalzer, a  psychiatrist,  provides both treatments, medication as well as psychotherapy to her patients.  She gives her patients the comprehensive, integrated, and confidential treatment that patients deserve.    

Board Certified Psychiatrist